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About us

Whether you are dropping your iPhone accidentally, or smashed the screen of it, there is always a solution of getting it repaired at iPhone Fixer Support Service Center. We also give a great experience to our customers by repairing the minute scratches in iPhone screens without wasting their valuable time. We are one of the best and fastest iPhone and iPad repairing service center present at the heart of London city. At iPhone Fixer Service Support Center we work hard to ensure every one of our clients get the most ideal iPhone and iPads repair understanding. We offer an entirely unexpected ordeal than other little repair shops and vast insurance agencies by making you (and your iPhone) our main need by offering an unrivaled quick repair time, security and an awesome experience. Our devoted repair groups know how imperative iPhones and iPads are to their owners and we treat every gadget like it is our own. We will probably repair your iPhone, iPad or iPod as fast as possible with no stress at all. We are devoted to client benefit and will keep you educated amid each progression of the repair procedure.

You can avail the following services at iPhone Fixer:


Just walk-in or book an appointment at 281, The Broadway London SW19 1SD. This service takes just 15minutes while you can wait in our air conditioned lounge area.


With simple to utilize guidelines, a prepaid Special Delivery envelope, the Emergency Mail Pack is a perfect answer for iPhone and iPod clients who require a quick and dependable repair benefit. Securely post your gadget to us and we will repair it and you get your gadget the following day fully tested and without any errors. Order a mail-in pack.


Anywhere in London, we arrange a courier to gather your iPhone or iPad, we fix it, and return it to you that day.

VIP Service

We will come to you, anywhere around the world and repair your gadget before you with total security and protection.

Customer Satisfaction Approved

We just charge you for the repair once you have your gadget back and are happy with the outcome. Once in a while we do deal with your issue over the telephone and solve them instantly. We try to give full satisfaction to our customers with our varied services provided here.

Why contact an iPhone repair service

Owning a iPhone itself is a matter of pride, but when something goes wrong with the iPhone, fixing it on your own is the best to save money. But, you cannot always be lucky to self-fix you issues. You will have to callout- we come to you anywhere in London, if you have something stuck in the headphone jack or a dock connector or if your iPhone screen is busted, so that we fix it. If you have an iPhone repair to attend do, try fixing it all by yourself, instead of going to the Apple Store for some replacement or a repair.
The most common iPhone repair is the smashed screens. There is an iPhone screens ultimate guide to fix the broken screen. You can follow the instructions and get your iPhone in working order again.
The fact cannot be denied that there is no perfect hardware design and iPhones are no exception and so every iPhone broken is not due to physical damage. If you can try some switches, buttons, batteries, power buttons and home buttons. In case, you are unable to resolve your issue and are not able to do iPhone screen repair, you may walkin - 281 The Broadway London SW19 1SD.
There are reliable sources to place your replacement parts order. To get started with, you may mailin - post to us. The industry has the best suppliers that your iPhone will receive genuine parts that are safe and also come with warranty against defects. However, having a little technical knowhow is of immense help and if not, you must contact iPhone repair service in London. They will send it through courier - we collect it, fixit & deliver it, where your iPhone requiring repair is collected by the courier service, so that they fix the issue and then deliver it.
What it comes down to your iPhone, do your research. Actually, there is no cheap option readily available. however, to be on the safer side, back up your device prior to giving it to iPhone repair service and even after getting your iPhone problem fixed, make it a point not to miss taking regular backup, it always helps.
If you have the DIY spirit, try iPhone repair, but honestly many people try and eventually end it in worse phone condition. Instead just callout for iPhone repair service in London, they will ensure perfect repair services.

How does iPhone repair service help?

Is your prized iPhone in shambles? After celebrating a crazy night, you may have shattered the screen or is it that your two year old pulled it from the charging port and destroyed it. How do you plan going about with the iPhone repair. The options are to visit a nearby iPhone repair service in London, or walkin-281 The Broadway London SW19 ISD to have it fixed.
There are Apple authorized service locations, you can callout – they will come to you anywhere in London. The best advantage is that they charge less for the damaged repair service. It is the best as including the replacing the screen and its coverage cost it will not be over $129, but the same will cost in the local repair shop around $200.
The simple answer for the local shops to cost high is that it involves a middleman charges. Without hesitation, for any of your iPhone repair, you can consider mailin- post to us. We will reach you in few hours and ensure a perfect job done. There is nothing better than corporate repairs and they require an early appointment as repair schedule. Reaching an iphone repair service in London, there is no need for prior appointment. In fact, screen replacement is done in 10 minutes time.
If your phone is not even one year old, it is best to consider the iphone screen repair or any iphone repair service in London under the Apple care+ coverage. Causing physical damage to your iPhone means the warranty is void. Yet partial warranties may be offered by the company for repairing the iPhone.
In case, you are left with no choices, but to take your phone to iphone repair service in London, you may walkin-281 The Broadway London SW19 1SD. this is an authorized repair shop and they also have the courier- we collect it, fixit & deliver it facility. This means they do not ask you to bring it to their place; instead they send their courier to collect from you, get it fixed and also deliver it at your place.
Beware of shops charging significantly lower prices. This is because they may be using refurbishing or subpar parts. Such parts may be problematic for iPhones and they may fail to work properly. Thus, it is recommended to callout- we come to you anywhere in London service and get your iPhone repair done.

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UK-Wide iPhone Repair Service

IMend’s on demand iPhone repair service covers the whole of the UK.We hae expert repair
technician all over the country that will come out to you at you location
to fix your Iphone.Here’ssome of our most popular locatios:

Iphone reapir |Aberdeen | Armagh | Bath | Bangor | Belfast | Birimingham | Bradford | Brington and Hove | Bristol | Cambridge | CAnterbury Cardiff | Carlisle | Chester | Chicester | City Of London | Coventry | Derby | Dundee | Durham | Edinburgh | Ely | Exter | Glasgow | Gloucester |Hereford Inverness | Kingston upon Hull | Lancaster| Leeds | Leicester | Lichfield Lincolin | Lisburn | Liverpool | London | Manchaster | Newcastleupon Tyne Newort | Newry | Norwich | Nottingham | Oxford | Petersborough |Plymouth | Portsmouth | Preston | Ripon | Salford | Salisbury | Sheffield | Southampton St Albans | St Davids | Stirling | Stoke on Trent |Sunderland | Swansea | Truro | Wakefield | Wells | Westminster | Winchester | Wolverhampton | Wimbeldon | Worcester | York(Iphone Screen Repair)